Last month, Ring of Honor caused a lot of controversy with the ending of their Global Wars pay-per-view. In a nontraditional move for the company, the main Event ended in an angle where the Bullet Club with newest member Adam Cole destroyed everyone in the arena and at ringside. This was far different Than anything the wrestling have the company had ever presented in their two years on live traditional pay-per-view. How would the company follow that up? Would fans be willing to part with their hard-earned cash again?

I can’t really answer that question for anyone else but myself. I gave Ring of Honor $34.95 of my money to see this year’s edition of the Best in the World. And I cannot would say it’s return to form for the company. Where last month’s ending definitely left a sour taste in my mouth this month was a great wrestling show from top to bottom that I really have no complaints about. Okay. If I’m being honest may be a few things could have been tweaked to my liking but that’s actually nitpicking honestly. But let’s get into my thoughts on the show match by match.

The show opened with a really great match between Kyle O’Reilly and New Japan star Kamaitachi. It was a hybrid mixed martial arts kind of a contest with both men going for limbs and submission strikes. This is fitting for O’Reilly considering it’s been four years since The Hybrid Rules match at this same event against his former Future Shock partner Adam Cole put him on the map. This really established Kamaitachi as a competitor for the Ring of Honor audience. While I definitely miss the commentary of Steve Corino a little bit. I thought Nigel McGuinness presentation of this match really added something overall. Of course with Kyle O’Reilly you have a title shot scheduled for the next night so it makes sense for the O’Reilly to get the win. But this would not be the end of Kamaitachi’s night by a longshot.

This match was followed up by the fight for respect between Silas Young and the highflying ACH. I thought this match did really well to establish the anime fan ACH as one of the great middle card talents of the company. The Texas native has really grown into quite the in ring talent. And Silas was a great in ring foil.

I can see ACH going for the Television Title following this for some really fun back and forth with Bobby Fish.

Then comes really the passing of the torch between Roderick Strong and Mark Briscoe. Earlier this week the news came out that Mr. ROH had decided not to re-sign with the company after being there 12 years. Being one of the stalwarts of the roster much like Briscoe these two showed why they are the standardbearers for the company. Roderick will be missed. I love the inventiveness of the Mark Briscoe character where he can be silly with wearing a way to the ring to get the advantage on an opponent. But when It comes down to business he can get the job done. Very similar to a man he takes from Mick Foley/Cactus Jack. Who is able to make you laugh one minute but now that make you respect him for his toughness.

This was definitely a passing of the torch as now Mark is the official gatekeeper to the main event, where previous shows have him being the gateway to the mid-card. Mark Briscoe of course gets the win over Roddy on his way out. The two friends embrace following the match as another Ring of Honor original says goodbye.

Thank you Roddy.

Then we go from all out respect to all the craziness of The Bullet Club versus War Machine and Moose. Super kicks galore but no counter in sight this time around. While this was a little crazy it was nowhere near what usual six man tags are for the Young Bucks. But that was for good reason considering what was going to follow them. I do want to commend Ring of Honor for one thing kind of explain why The Bullet Club was still appearing on ROH events. While it may be a a flimsy excuse, I like Nigel coming out and saying they make us money and guys want to fight them so why would I. It’s a little touch but it’s one that WWE may overlook. All in all, the BC gets a victory over Moose who is also on his way out and will reportedly finish with the company at the end of August.

We move on to The Tag Team Title match between veteran talents in The Motor City Machine Guns versus the Addiction. This is going to sound like a slight on the match and maybe it is but if you seen matches between these four individuals in the past you know what you’re getting. The big story of this match was the reemergence of Kamaitachi attacking fellow new Japan young boy Jay White at ringside. This leads to Daniels and Kazarian getting the win following the destruction. They establish Kamaitachi is and the newest member of The Addiction. I think adding the veteran teams with these young talents is perfect. Kamaitachi and Jay White are already scheduled to fight at the TV taping that’s happening today as I write this. This gives it but for context to the normal ROH viewer giving them a stamp of approval in the eyes of the casual fan. Whether it’s in singles action or six man tags this will give these talents much better introduction than just singles matches on the undercard. Not saying that can’t work look at Watanabe a.k.a. EVIL in New Japan right now. But I think this gives a better and easier transition then that was. They feel more like something special and less like just some guy.

The show then moved into the unsanctioned Fight Without Honor and man was this as old-school as you get. I know a lot of fans will probably criticize this match are not having a solid work rate. But what it lacks moves it made up for in psychology. I mean this is two years in the making. Think about that. Two years in the making. ROH has slowly simmered this thing for that long. This goes back all the way to the Scum feud where Steve was the heel and BJ was the baby face. Now roles are reversed in each man is trying to show how evil they really are. And there were some brutality to say the least as an there should be in a feud like this. But I will readily admit that I’m not as fond of seeing blood these days as I used to be in my younger days. But given the build perfectly acceptable. Love the symbolism, love all the little touches. Love Kevin Sullivan showing up that was a nice little surprise. It’ll be interesting to see where they go from here. Because they are obviously not done yet with this battle for darkness.

The TV title match was next and really was in the unenviable position on the show. As Dalton Castle and Bobby Fish gave it their all to keep the crowd into the match. But I think everyone was a little spent at that point and waiting for the main event. That said I think they put together a good match although I did find the reason for their conflict be a little weird. A missed brunch? At least you had the storyline of Castle winning at the last pay-per-view to set up this match so it made sense in that context. Bobby Fish gets a reversal out of nowhere to get the pinfall victory on the Party Peacock.

Before we get to the final match of the night, The All Night Express of Rhett Titus and Kenny King grace us with their presence as they make a campaign speech along with their Minister of Information Caprice Coleman. Call me crazy, but I actually like this a lot. And while this gimmick is not original right now given the 2016 presidential race I think this is the perfect way to get all the talent is featured on television and have them go against the rest of the roster. I would love to see Silas Young as the Secretary of Manliness in their Cabinet and really make this something fun. Hell add his tag team partner The Beer City Bruiser and make this a really fun faction going into the fall

And of course Jay Briscoe versus Jay Lethal closed the show with Lethal coming out on top continuing the one-year reign Of the ROH World Champion. Overall, I like the match quite a bit. But I’m not sure if it was a good as the previous encounters especially last year’s Best in the World match in Nashville. But that would be hard to top from anybody. I loved the Code of Honor being followed at the end of the match. It reassured fans and maybe tuning in for the first time what ROH was really about strong competition and athletic ability. Cannot recommend the show anymore. I know the price tag is a hefty one but honestly I think Ring of Honor should be very proud of the show they put on.

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