Two years ago, Ring of Honor began a stronger relationship with New Japan Pro Wrestling. This new business agreement brought a fresh series of matchups for the two rosters and gave a special interest to the Global Wars shows in May. In 2014, Global Wars was a highly coveted Internet pay-per-view and made a special night for all involved. Last year, they expanded the crossover show to two cities do more nights for the fans really bring the magic. This year, ROH/New Japan is working together more than ever before. From live Ring of Honor events in Tokyo to top New Japan stars working major events in the states there seems to be quite the symbiotic between the two companies. And Global Wars definitely continued that trend last night.

Once again, ROH put on a solid night night of wrestling action. All the talent worked hard on the show and really made a three hour show fly by. From the Four Corner Survival opener to the main event in ring work was great. However, I wasn’t a big fan of the angle leading a non-finish.

I’m not opposed to doing angles during main events. But I question sacrificing promoted main events when you’re pay-per-view is a premium price product. Especially since, the company started promoting the angle hours before the pay-per-view began. Honestly, I don’t think the show really needed it. Don’t get me wrong it was cool but I think took away from the night of action. But that’s just me. I know I’m always the one that says that the shows need moments. And this one had quite a lot of them without the ending we got. Dalton Castle is in the hunt for a title for the first time in his career. Cheeseburger gets a win with Jushin Thunder Liger giving the ultimate underdog and victory on a big stage. Moose looks strong in a featured contests with two of New Japan’s top stars. And Bobby Fish won the television title after a six-month journey to a singles championship victory.

Add these things with the spectacles of The Bullet Club tag match and War Machine/Mark and Jay Briscoe. You got a little Bit of everything.

Plus, we had storyline development in the ongoing BJ Whitmer/Mr. Wrestling III. The feud that just won’t stop. When we get the final blow off this damn thing as It’s Been going on for about four years now?

Speaking of Wrestling III, I love the superkick counter making the six man tag. This gave the normal Young Bucks match a little bit more drama than the spot fest. It was really smart of ROH to do that.

Will Kyle O’Reilly ever be the top guy in ROH? They have been saying that he was special for four years but when it comes to big matches Kyle comes up short. Are they setting up a turn? With his partner coming up big winning the TV title I-can-see-it happening.

One thing’s for sure. ROH has made their World Title picture even more interesting with the addition of Adam Cole and The Bullet Club. There’s definitely going to be retribution from Colt Cabana and Jay Lethal. This could set great matches down the road in both ROH and New Japan.

This pay-per-view was an experiment for me as I watched the show on my PlayStation. For the most part it worked really well. Other than crashing in the last 10 minutes of the show it was fine and crystal-clear. So any cord cutters out there there is an option for ROH pay-per-view.

I wonder if there will be a law of diminishing returns where It concerns ROH and New Japan. Right now, the magic is still there. But it will be interesting to see how things turn out later this year as New Japan talent become more regular. If I am Ring of Honor I would partner with Progress, use New Japan connections with CMLL have an ultimate supershow. This coming from a guy that watches New Japan regularly. So I may have a slight opinion from a casual fan. But for now, everything is running strong.