In less than seven days we have had a pair of interesting interviews that I’m sure will keep the world talking for years to come. The first of which, of course, was CM Punk on the Art of Wrestling discussing his side of the story as relates to his WWE departure this past January. The second being last night’s Stone Cold Steve Austin live podcast on the WWE Network. Both were rather controversial in different ways for different reasons. Punk told the story of a company that was driven by incompetence and inconsistency. Vince told the story of a company that relies on the talent to get themselves over with the audience. Saying he has the ability to listen to what the WWE Universe wants and I guess that’s his perspective just as much as it’s CM Punk, but I think it illustrates a bigger problem than he even realizes.

Now, let me first start by saying I thought the interview was great as Austin didn’t pull any punches in discussing what he wanted to. Even when McMahon tried to dodge certain questions Austin would come back around to try to get more of an in-depth answer. Vince showed the same bravado that we always hear about. He was brash, blunt and almost coldhearted when he said the reason why talent doesn’t get over is because of themselves. He said their millennial’s and they don’t have any drive were ambition.

Well, I don’t exactly agree with the chairman here. I guess he’s using plausible deniability saying these younger talents are not connecting with WWE Universe. Because whether he likes to admit or not it all stops with Vince. Doesn’t matter if it’s Cesaro, Dolph, Zack Ryder, The New Day, or any number of talents on the roster . They are all in the same boat. How Is the King of Swing supposed to connect with the audience if you have them lose on television every week. Vince controls how they’re presented and how they come across to the viewers. How are the young guys supposed to “Reach for the Brass Ring” when you installed it above a glass ceiling. Didn’t someone talk about that brass ring once? Oh yeah, it was this guy.

And thinking of that guy, McMahon was apologetic towards the Second City Saint CM Punk. Especially for firing him on his wedding day. McMahon said he hopes they can work together again someday. If I didn’t know any better, I say that pre-much tells you who had control of all the situation and it wasn’t Vince. Austin and McMahon go into what it’s like working together and you have creative differences and what the creative process is like these days.

McMahon made it clear that doesn’t see himself as a wrestling company and finds that he doesn’t need competition in the space because he’s competing against other shows on television. And while that is not a new statement by any stretch of the imagination that should show where his focus is. Those who clamor for a stronger in ring product need to realize one thing. Vince doesn’t care about wrestling. Never has never will. he made it very clear there is a difference in his mind between the two.

They talk about a bunch of different topics including Randy Savage going in the Hall of Fame, Sting, Brock Lesnar and other subjects. No real shocking answers here much what you expect. we heard of his humble beginnings in North Carolina, living with his mother this led into a very interesting discussion on how he understood Stone Cold Steve Austin the character. And I think it points out one more really important difference between then and now. Vince had faith in his talent to do the right thing for business and creatively. It’s very clear that Vince has no faith in the current roster right now. And that’s a scary proposition. If you’re boss doesn’t think you can succeed you want. You do much as you can talent wise to get yourself over but Vince doesn’t see it in you your finished. And didn’t look like McMahon has any plans of retiring soon. But it’s not up to you know when it’s time to go itself for someone else to let you know that you just don’t have it anymore.

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