They say everything is bigger in Texas. Even the spectacle of spectacles, Wrestlemania was supersized to accommodate its Dallas surroundings. The 4 1/2 hour show of shows brought the pomp and circumstance they you need in a venue the size of AT&T Stadium. While the grandeur was befitting a crowd of 100,000 people, the shows overall impact was little more than a footnote in WWE’s storytelling.

Does that mean that the action was bad? No. Does that mean talents didn’t give their all? No. But the creative team really didn’t do themselves any favors in fixing the problems that seem to play into a weekly broadcast product for over a year. It seems they were unclear on booking decisions going forward for a lot of the bigger contest. Not realizing that changes needed to be made. Now, there were some cool moments on the show. But in the grand scheme of things what did it really matter? The show was full of bells and whistles from top to bottom., Honestly, a lot of it felt like WWE trying to take a page out of Jimmy Fallon for the YouTube generation. Having clips of cool moments interspersed in the action instead of having it be a status quo changing event.

The Kickoff matches were solid opening contests. They were nice ways to ingratiate the crowd while giving some solid action. Talents trying to make themselves standout but WWE booked in such a way that nothing felt like it had weight to the proceedings. They just felt like matches. The most notable thing was the introduction of the WWE Women’s Title. But considering the two-hour runtime I’m not sure that was enough.

WWE did give me a pleasant surprise starting out the main card as the underdog Zack Ryder won the Intercontinental title giving himself a real Wrestlemania moment. I said on audio that it would be nice to give it to the Long Island Iced Z. Considering Sami and Kevin Owens doesn’t really need the title. It made sense in my mind to give it to the least likely individual. Everyone did their part in the match. Stardust adorned in polkadots gave his tribute to his father while Sin Cara gave soared over the ropes time and time again. WWE will be in an interesting place going forward if they choose to be.

Chris Jericho and AJ Styles was next. And these two always have a solid contest. But I’m scratching my head on why you don’t give the phenomenal one a win here. Did Jericho really need to outfox Styles or should this have Been an acknowledgment of why AJ is important to the overall WWE fan? I am leaning toward the latter in this case. There was no reason why Styles couldn’t and shouldn’t go over.

Next up, we had The New Day and the League of Nations in three on three action. The match itself was great as both of these squads really seem to be having a good time. But what people are going talking about is not the outcome of the contest but what happened before and after the match. That New Day entrance was phenomenal. The costumes as Dragon Ball Z characters were fitting and perfect since they are human meme generators. But I don’t understand why then Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley and Stone Cold Steve Austin to make them look like idiots after a loss. I guess this is all was designed to be a smokescreen to not have you remember that they lost. But It just came off as weird to shoehorn that stuff into the show.

Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar was what I expected. I can’t see how Brock winning was the best course of action. There are so much more value in Dean becoming the battle hardened baby face. Going forward I don’t know where you take these talents from here. They both gave it their all trying to be as crazy as they could without doing anything too dangerous. And with The Beast Incarnate in the ring that’s a feat all within itself.

We get the first WWE Women’s title match with Charlotte and Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. I will applaud the company for now putting the women athletes on the same plane as their male counterparts. In the sexualized eras of the 90s and early 2000’s it made sense to call the WWE women divas but if you want to focus on the athletics of the division. This is a good start. The match itself was solid with the women really cutting loose In Their Mania debuts. The entrances were amazing and gave their battle a feeling of importance. That’s why I would’ve given the title to Sasha to indicate that there’s a change. But honestly with all three of these women you can’t go wrong. I’m just happy that the action will be focused on and not the butterfly belt there fighting for or marketing buzzwords.

When Shane McMahon versus The Undertaker was next I was scratching my head. I was sure as were many that this would close the show and in all honesty it probably should have. WWE definitely missed an opportunity to do something fun creatively. But that being said the match is what you would’ve expected it to be. That dive off of the Hell in a Cell was insane for the billionaire son let alone anyone else. Having this match before the WWE title match really took any injury away from Triple H versus Roman Reigns. But I think it shows that everybody what Shane has said all along he was doing it for his boys. It was cool seeing father and sons together enjoying themselves. They should definitely be proud of their dad and his efforts here.

Once WWE revealed the surprises in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal of Diamond Dallas Page and Shaquille O’Neal it was understood why it was moved from the preshow. I’m glad to see they gave it to an up-and-coming guy in Baron Corbin. Hopefully WWE doesn’t squander this opportunity like they’ve done Cesaro in the past.

Then we have The Rock coming out filibustering at 10:45 PM to tell us that we broke an all-time attendance record. Then we get a weird back and forth between the Wyatt family and the Great One. This leads to an impromptu match between Erick Rowan and The Rock that lasts six seconds. The rest of Bray and his disciples attempt to get revenge but John Cena appears fighting them off. Thought it was weird on commentary to mention that he wasn’t cleared to compete. All in all, it served its purpose I just to get a fun moment for the crowd before the main event.

But if you thought that was stretching for time, then we got Stephanie McMahon doing your best Red Sonja/Barbarella impression that went on way too long. But that’s why WWE was touting seven hours of Wrestlemania I guess. Overall, the match was solid. But the fans and the AT&T Stadium didn’t care really. Once Shane lost earlier, I think this was doomed. The only real pop that happened during the match was when Roman speared Stephanie. Everything else the crowd was lukewarm for. Well now Vince has what he wanted. What’s next for the top title in the company. I can’t see how you ignore three fourths of the building booing but we shall see.

As I said in the beginning of this article, the production elements and the pomp and circumstance of Wrestlemania 32 were amazing. But I think all that were smoke and mirrors were bad decision-making. We will see what WWE has in store for tonight’s Raw which is always an interesting show to watch.