It’s Wrestlemania week my friends. This seems like it happens earlier and earlier every year. 2016 definitely proves to be crazier than ever with many promotions running events in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I’ve been doing this for five years and this weekend gets more and more tiring every time it rolls around.

Those who don’t follow me on social media on Facebook or Twitter may wonder where my Raw thoughts are this week. Well simply put, there is going to be so much going on this weekend that I decided to give myself the day off yesterday writing an article. Truth be told, Raw this week with a strong go home for the show of shows. I know that has been debated on the Internet in the last 24 hours but given what we’ve experienced in years past it was a more aggressive push for possibly the biggest Wrestlemania in WWE’s 30+ year history.

Even though, I’ve been adamant on certain matches and the build, I thought Raw was an old-school hard-nosed push to get more people to watch on WWE Network. The matches themselves on the card except for a few exceptions are solid and the in ring work should be good. The question is always been will fans really even care regardless of the outcomes.

WWE has been getting a lot more mainstream attention by a lot of media outlets on why fans should subscribe to WWE Network. The company plans on announcing new subscriber numbers the following day it should be interesting to see where the end up. I’m guessing WWE will report about 1.7 million users of their streaming service. Whether that will translate into paid subscribers once their free promotion is up, that will have to be seen.

One thing’s for sure, so far WWE Network has been knocking it out of the park with their original content this week alone. Just the Daniel Bryan WWE 24 documentary was compelling and his riveting as the Wrestlemania diary two years before. Add this to the great Michael Hayes “Legends with JBL” episode that just aired yesterday and you have two great hours of content in the last two days alone. Of course as I write this, we still have The Stone Cold Podcast with Mick Foley live after Smackdown, NXT Takeover: Dallas late-night on Friday, The Hall Of Fame on Saturday and Wrestlemania itself on Sunday Say what you want to about the current WWE television product but that they make a very hard to argue with their $9.99 price tag.

If they keep producing this kind of content they should have no problem even giving the lapse WWE fan to subscribe to the streaming service. I am surprised however they’re not really they’re not doing a show from Wrestlemania Axxess this year. Maybe they felt with a two hour preshow for Mania, they felt that it would be rehashing too much of the same content and put a strain on the production crew. For anybody wondering that’s why Takeover is so late on Friday because they have to set up for the Hall of Fame at the American Airlines Ctr.

Of course, WWE is not the only game in town. All the top Indy promotions will be running in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It is insane the amount of events happening this weekend. When I went to Orlando, Florida and Houston Texas in 2008 and 2009 things were not as insane as they are now. Logistically I don’t know how a fan can choose where they want to go  to Wrestle Con, Axxess, ROH and the WWN Live Experience all happening at the same time. Good news is all the events are now available thanks to technology live in your living room so you don’t really have to choose.

Funny, though with all the promotions running one notable one is nowhere to be seen. TNA even though the Carter family is from the Dallas area, Dixie and company are not going to have an official presence in the Big D. It definitely shows where the company is in regards to its behind-the-scenes business. As I’m guessing they felt the cost of running the big event outweighed the benefits. However, Impact Wrestling tried to stay in the new cycle with their announcement of the over the top content partnership with Fight Network.

There are those that cover the business they don’t see this as a big deal. But I believe, The Fight Network content deal which begins this summer will be the thing that Impact needs to compete with others in the industry today. There’s no doubt that WWE Network changed the game when it launched two years ago. But they had their struggles as they were way ahead of the curve when it came to a linear network over the top delivery of content. With TNA’s partnership with The Fight Network this summer the company to have all the benefits of the over-the-top delivery with none of the infrastructure problems, credit card issues or live streaming that WWE experiences from time to time. Plus It allows those without access to traditional television a portal to catch Impact Wrestling. Which in my opinion has become one of the hidden gems in professional wrestling these days.

All they can be set right now is things are really happening in the wrestling business. Especially during the busiest week of the year. I plan on going to Orlando next year I can only imagine how crazy things will be.

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Hope you all will join us for the fun. It’s going to be a big weekend. Thanks for reading.

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