Happy Wrestlemania Sunday. What a great few days we’ve had in the wrestling business. Friday, NXT Takeover was phenomenal and set the tone for the future of the WWE. And last night’s WWE Hall of Fame was a great event as well. A great celebration of the past, an industry and a family not just of WWE performers but of the community around us all.

If that sounds idealistic maybe it is. But if you’ve read my thoughts when these legendary characters passed away, I always feel like their family members. These names in the wrestling industry are frequent visitors in our homes, teaching lessons through the art form that we all love and leaving a mark on us all. I know I’ve learned more about life by learning about professional wrestling then anything else.

The WWE Hall of Fame has always been my favorite night of the year. Because It’s like a family reunion. And the speeches from everyone including Snoop Dogg and Joan Lunden spoke about being included in the wrestling family. Everyone was already together telling stories and having fun. Anywhere there was a short acceptance speech the inductors stepped up. The APA and the Dudley Boyz come to mind as bringing the funny. Even Vader who didn’t have the strongest speech was still entertaining.

I love Stan Hansen’s speech he was honest and forthright. For someone so gruff and boisterous as his in ring persona, he was so humble and thankful. The Texas Cowboy surprised me last night with that speech. I remember the speech he gave when Antonio Inoki was inducted in 2010. It was a great and was all over the place. But his words were awesome with his own induction.

When The New Day was announced as inducting The Fabulous Freebirds, many are frustrated with WWE. But considering what Michael Hayes and the company had planned it makes perfect sense. The Boys from Badstreet USA brought the showmanship and fun that we all expected. They definitely were brotherhood and you could tell. Love the inclusion of Kevin Von Erich. But Kevin definitely showed why WWE chose the way they did. I can’t believe WWE paid for Lynyrd Skynyrd.
I love the Big Boss Man induction from the inclusion of the Reverend Slick to the stories of his family dealing with the crazy storyline stuff from the Attitude Era. It was the best thing to remember the man for who he was.

I enjoy WWE doing “The Legacy Award” because it keeps these legendary names alive and give them recognition without having a full induction posthumously.

Like I said before, Snoop Dogg was awesome. But fans booing John Cena got on my nerves. There’s a respect that should be given at the Hall of Fame. Regardless of how you feel about the person in question, it’s a matter of understanding that this is not about you. Words cannot describe how much I love Dana Warrior and the Warrior Award. Positivity and using the business in a positive way should not be ignored. I know in my life wrestling gave me strength to keep fighting through all my adversities.

Sting had a great speech. It was funny, irreverent and humble for everything you got to do in his career. He officially announced his retirement after disputing the point over and over in many interviews. I was afraid he was going to get out shadowed by Flair being Ric. But that was fun and entertaining to. All in all it was a great night that gives me great hope for what happens today at Wrestlemania. The future was great with Takeover Dallas, the memories were great at the WWE Hall of Fame so let’s hope the present does well.