There’s been a lot of talk in the last few weeks of WWE leaving money on the table when it comes to certain talents. Many people point to the departures of Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Damien Sandow and others as the company not really seeing what the fans want. This is not a new discussion in the least over the years the fans see something that management does not. But sometimes things don’t work out. And wrestling is a finicky business, like any art form it’s a matter of opinion and taste. While it is an athletic endeavor with certain metrics that quantify progress in the business. It is this mixed bag that causes frustration much like Cody’s to cause fans and wrestlers to walk away much younger than they used to.

Do I blame any of these talents in this endeavor? No not at all. As I said in previous articles in the last couple years, the WWE creative process is going up the down escalator at times where constantly talents are stuck on the same level with very little chance for upward mobility but very easily can go into a freefall that can not be recovered from. The question is will this process ever really change?

This is probably the easiest answer is no. Even if Vince McMahon goes away there’s always going to be one or two talents that the creative management doesn’t see anything in that the fans attach to. Everyone likes it underdog. And in this process will continue on far past my generation.

But as I’ve always said in my personal life, life’s too short to be unhappy. As we’ve seen with people like The Rock, Batista Shane McMahon and others sometimes it takes a sabbatical way from the WWE’s machine to really revitalize your passion for the professional wrestling experience. Some guys going on the Indies hoping to get back to the big time. Some just enjoy being an independent wrestler with road stories with friends. It’s about being happy with who you are and what you do and having the creative freedom to express yourself. Dreams change.

Speaking of change, this past week’s Monday Night Raw featured a lot of it. And WWE begin the build the June 19 Money in the Bank in Las Vegas. Baltimore played witness to some really solid action and really great angles.

WWE really began the build for a solid Money in the Bank ladder match with a lot of fan favorites in the mix. Names like Sami Zayn, Cesaro, Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens have qualified alongside Chris Jericho. And while fans may be groaning at Chris Jericho breaking the undefeated streak of Apollo Crews, I like the idea. I’ll explain why I’ve saying for weeks how I wanted Apollo Crews to get a feud really going. And now he has one and he has a reason to not like Sheamus. Plus it gives Sheamus a focus as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie comes out. So it really does a lot of good for the card. Having Jericho when adds another rivalry to the mix making the match all the more intriguing for the average viewer.

The other big thing from this week’s Raw are the angles regarding Charlotte and The Club.

The most amazing thing on the show had to be Charlotte dressing down her father as her ego goes out of control. This is probably the best The Women’s Champion has looked as an on-screen performer. It establishes her on her own away from her father and starts to create her own legacy with Dana Brooke in toe. This gives a whole new dimension to the Women’s Division. As I said in my Extreme Rules thoughts last night, I see a Becky Lynch/Natalya versus Dana Brooke and Charlotte tag team match for Money in the Bank. But I wonder if WWE would ever consider a women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match? Considering female competitors are now seen on the same plane as their male contemporaries. It would seem logical that that would eventually happen. If you want to make the woman seem more important you got to do stuff out of the box.

AJ Styles made his intentions clear with The Club that he didn’t need their help cementing himself as a Babyface. This will lead to more rumors of Finn Balor, but maybe Seth Rollins could fit the bill? I had a thought of The Shield versus The Club match at Summerslam. It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen in the immediate future. But it does create more intrigue when it comes to the pathway of not only AJ, but Gallows and Anderson. In a lot of ways although Seth Rollins return was big and his rematch with Roman Reigns is going to be awesome it was almost secondary everything else on the show.

They really only did the opening segment with some backstage stuff with Seth to clarify that The Authority relationship is gone. Everything else was related to Money in the Bank which made the second and third hours feel much more important than they have in weeks past. It will be interesting to see how things continue to build going forward.

There are two title matches scheduled for Smackdown and if WWE smart they will change one of those titles (the IC title) to really make what many see as a B show more important. I personally like Thursday’s show, it has been very good when it comes to in ring product and Mauro Ranallo makes everything seem that much more important.

WWE’s definitely got one hell of a summer in store for all of us. And I can’t wait to bask in the sun of wrestling glory that we have ahead.