Toronto has had its share of moments on the Road to Wrestlemania in the past. The city itself has been steeped in wrestling history for almost 100 years. From the days of Maple Leaf Wrestling to the modern era, the epicenter of what is known as “bizarro world” has had some interesting effects on WWE’s business in the past. Who can forget The Ultimate Challenge of Wrestlemania 6 in which an Immortal proved to be beatable. This feat would only be reciprocated just 12 years later as icons of their generation had a battle for the ages once again. Last night, WWE had the chance to change the course of the Road to Wrestlemania once again with Roadblock. But instead they decided to take the scenic route through Toronto without really giving you much impact in return. It doesn’t really matter in the long run.

If you think you my last statement was a little bit harsh. You’re right it is. The show itself was a great wrestling show from top to bottom. Everyone worked hard and really brought out things you don’t formally see on WWE programming on Monday Night Raw on Thursday Night Smackdown. Even matches that look on the surface to be just filler really were great contests. The Charlotte versus Natalya match particularly really showed how the Divas Revolution should and can be if done right. Stardust and Jack Swagger got to show more on this special and then they have in months on WWE programming. And NXT really had a takeover of the Great White North as the tag team division really shine in an awesome back and forth with Enzo and Cass and The Revival.

WWE did their best to make you understand the psychology of the matches. Something may get lost when producing their cable programming on a weekly basis. When you have so much to promote in such a little window. But Roadblock brought the best out of the performers and the announcers in regards to psychology with very little more than the matches themselves everyone can focus on telling a story. And there were some great ones. Mrs.

So after all this praise , why do I think the show didn’t matter all in all? I think it really boils down to the potential of what could’ve been outweighed what happened. WWE had an opportunity to really shake up this year’s show of shows and creates a valuable bit of interest in The Network but chose not to do so. Four champions on the line and four champions retain. There’s no moment on the show that makes the event important in the chronology of WWE it’s just a show. If you’re trying to sell people on buying your network after the free month is over. You have to give them something that they can’t see on regular TV. I’m not saying all the titles had to change but one would’ve been nice even if it was for a week.

If WWE is going to do the specials they have to have moments. There has to be a reason why you want to add 2 more hours to your wrestling catalog each week. Again it may be lofty expectations but think about the average consumer who hears the results from their friends and doesn’t hear about a title change. They’re not going to go back and watch this. Think about this we are just 3 weeks away from Mania as of this writing and we only know four matches. Four matches. With the road winding down there is a ton of main roster talents that haven’t had the roles clearly defined for them. And that’s a scary thought.

In The early 2000’s Toronto was known as bizarro world but it seems the WWE creative meetings deserve that moniker. You want to feel a product that is fluid that anything can happen. However, WWE seems steadfast in the course to AT&T Stadium. For the last few years, Vince and company have banked on the spectacle of their annual extravaganza with very little forethought to the build. And this year is no exception. One hopes that the Lone Star State makes everything feel bigger because right now Wrestlemania does not feel like the biggest show of the calendar year.

It’s going to be an interesting three weeks I hope you join us for the ride.

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