To say that it’s been an interesting past few days for WWE is a bit of an understatement. Friday, WWE announced officially the release of seven talents. I say it that way because a lot of the names announced weren’t that shocking. From men with little stature to a former Total Diva, these releases were as eclectic as it gets. However, many were disappointed with the loss of Damien Sandow, Alex Riley and Wade Barrett. This feeling comes from the fact that at one point these talents have so much potential that was just squandered in favor of other projects that didn’t have the same crowd connection. You can count on both hands the amount of times, Riley, Sandow and Barrett had stop start booking and repackaging only to be forgotten a few weeks after the start of the push.

This is not the first time that happened in WWE. And it sure won’t be the last. Although a lot of people hope that in the “new era” that those in power will understand what they have and use it to its proper potential. Is that a realistic expectation? Maybe not. But it’s not an outlandish one.

WWE is reporting their financials today for the first quarter of the 2016 fiscal year. And realistically, these talent releases help the company look a little more sound financially. I almost think that if Vince would look at things more from this side of the table we would not get some of the booking that we see on modern WWE. If you look at a wrestler as an asset in regards to fan response then the company as we know it could be totally different.

It’s never easy to lose your job. Especially since, there aren’t that many places in the US to work and make a living. ROH, is the most stable place outside of WWE to get steady work both in the US and Japan. Otherwise, you will have to work the Indies like crazy to keep things going for yourself. And it’s on you to get yourself booked. Hopefully all involved will come out of this better people.

There are rumors that more releases are coming. I wish nothing but the best for everybody on the roster.

Moving on to more happier topics. I’m going to give my quick thoughts on this week’s Monday Night Raw. Overall, I like the show a lot up until the main event segment. WWE once again propped up the first and second hour while sacrificing the main event segment for another angle.

I was excited with the opening segment between Chris Jericho and Big Cass. The near 7 foot partner of Enzo Amore stood toe to toe with the former world champion. As scary as Amore getting injured at Payback was, it allowed Cassady to be more than just a big guy. It proved that he has charisma beyond the tag team. And while I hope they don’t break up Enzo and Cass I was hoping he would get a spotlight on last night’s show. Instead, the segment plays second fiddle to Dean Ambrose shenanigans. This of course is not the first time WWE has done this in the last few weeks. But I have to say It disappointed me they did not try to get Cassady over to the mainstream audience being more than Enzo’s buddy.

The company did however establish that Sami and Baron Corbin are forces to be reckoned with. As is Emma with the debuting Dana Brooke on the main roster. These things keep the ball rolling in a positive direction. Not to mention the fact that the Vaudevillians got a serious side out of The New Day.

We continued to see the use of Zack Ryder as the new Tommy Dreamer, Goldust and R Truth doing comedy alongside Fandango and Tyler Breeze and the build for Primo and Epico. Plus we saw two different upset wins. One from WWE’s resident raven haired lady Paige and the other from Sin Cara. Both were similar angles and really should not have been on the same show. You can argue that the Natalya distraction of Charlotte against Paige had a couple of purposes.

It shows that Stephanie and Shane are trying to work together and on the same page. As well as making the baby face Natalya seem like she may have a shot without The Nature Boy in the corner. However, Sin Cara versus The Bulgarian Brute didn’t really make that seem like a challenge that the US champion should fear.

Overall the highlight of the show had to be the six man tag elimination match between “The Club” and “The Family”. I thought it played well keeping the storyline fresh. The one thing I really liked about the match is that some of the eliminations happened during commercial breaks. This gives feeling like anything can happen at any time. I think overall the battle for dominance between the two factions that could lead to a great battle going forward. What part will the Usos and Gallows and Anderson at Extreme Rules? With no official announcement of a tag team encounter between the four I would imagine they’re going to get involved in the main event with Reigns and AJ Styles.

I will be interested to see what comes out of it in the next few weeks. I have the same opinion regarding Stephanie and Shane going forward. It seems like WWE is playing this as Stephanie is starting to come around to her brother’s line of thinking. If I didn’t know any better I would think that teasing there’s going to be dissension eventually between Shane and a returning Triple H

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