Hey everyone. If you follow the site with any regularity, you might’ve noticed that Monday afternoon into that there not many post on the official website. The reason for this is I had computer problems and could not do any longform content until the issue was resolved. And while it was an inconvenience it was also a Bit of a blessing giving me the first real days off from the website in quite some time.

And while I enjoyed the time away, I still am a creature of habit and watched Raw in this week’s Impact Wrestling. I have my opinion on each show. Honestly, I think from an overall flow TNA wins hands down this week.

Raw felt very disjointed in a lot of ways. The action was solid for the most part it just felt like everything was kind of in a holding pattern till next week. Matches were made for Battleground but they don’t really feel like monumental things in the long run. The most notable announcement for the pay-per-view was the return of Randy Orton. It’s interesting that both Zack Ryder and Darren Young are getting the pushes they are with title shots on the horizon. But you have to wonder if these are really long-term plans with the brand split coming next week? With the evolving terminology from week to week regarding COO’s, GM’s and Commissioners I’m not confident on a long-term plan for anybody on the roster other than the top names.

That being said, I kinda like the decision of making Stephanie and Shane commissioners of their brands having a secondary general manager to run the show. At first, the idea annoyed me for the bureaucracy it implies having two authority figures instead of one. However on further thought, it’s not a bad idea. With Shane and Stephanie being the commissioners it limits the the appearance of the McMahon family on television putting them in more of a troubleshooter position when the appointed general manager cannot solve the situation.

This will all really depend on who the general manager is. This will be the person on camera most of the shows. Rumor has it that Daniel Bryan will be Shane’s choice as GM. This goes in line with the prodigal son’s playing into the fans want for change. While his sister will go with a more traditional WWE approach to sports entertainment. Eric Bischoff has been making veiled statements on Twitter saying that with you may be seeing him soon. These personalities added with different presentation of the product could make watching five hours of wrestling within 24 hours much more powder more than some fans.

It will be interesting to see how different the landscape is beginning the week following the draft. You only get one chance to really make a good first impression. You can’t rehash what you did before. It didn’t work. And you have to really come into a different angle. Both brands need to be seen as equal otherwise what’s the point? Given that Vince called Raw “the flagship and juggernaut” I have my doubt.

Other than all the talk regarding next week’s draft, the most interesting thing was perhaps “The Compound Fight” between The Wyatt Family and The New Day. Overall I like it had the concept considering the origins of Bray Wyatt the company are the wrestling equivalent of a Rob Zombie horror flick. But this was a definite ripoff of last week’s Final Deletion with Matt and Jeff Hardy.

I’m not saying that both these cinematic exploits didn’t have their merits. But the storyline build of Hardy versus Hardy made the over-the-top silliness of the battle in Cameron that much more enjoyable. The New Day Versus the Wyatt feud has not really done announced for the last five weeks to really merit such a showdown. Don’t get me wrong it was cool to but it didn’t have the weight and the over-the-top nature to make it worthwhile.

The one positive from WWE’s version was that the Wyatts look like monsters for the time being.

But as with anything regarding Bray and his followers, it’s all in how they followed up.

Speaking of follow up, TNA was able to keep the momentum of Final Deletion with another great “Broken” Matt Hardy presentation. Just the mannerisms and ability to generate instant Internet gold every time amazes me. I just hope for TNA sake that they are able to translate some of this attention back to their main product which has really picked up steam in the last few weeks. I thought this week’s Destination X was definitely a great episode start to finish.

The biggest news item being that former Ring Of Honor star Moose made his debut in the main event. I will be interesting to see how the former Atlanta falcon will do in the company as he is reported to sign a two-year deal with Impact. For a guy that you wrestling less than five years ago he has grown in leaps and bounds as a performer. And it’s quite the new injection of energy in the main event scene. He is still not a solid talker so having him paired with Maria and Bennett for the time being is smart. I am very excited to see where they go from here.