TNA was sent a cease and desist letter in March regarding TNA performer Crazzy Steve and stable The Decay, has confirmed.

The cease and desist came from Ohio independent wrestler Justin Carnes, who wrestled for years under the ring name Krimson and claims that TNA is “responsible for infringement of certain copyrights that are owned or controlled by Carnes.”  Carnes has been wrestling since 2000 under several different names beyond Krimson, including Conrad Kennedy III.

The Krimson character (not to be confused with former TNA wrestler Crimson) is an evil clown.

Carnes is specifically claiming that elements of Crazzy Steve’s performance in TNA have been directly lifted from Carnes’ work as Krimson, including the usage of red mist, as well as Crazzy Steve’s mannerisms, costuming and face paint.

Carnes’ letter also stated that in 2010, he created a faction known as the “Dead Wrestler’s Society” and that Steve, as a member of TNA faction Decay, “replicated the Dead Wrestling Society model and teamed with certain other wrestlers who were similar in style to him, which is also a blatant use of Carnes’s works.”

The cease and desist letter requests that TNA cease all usage of the copyrights Carnes is claiming to own and that the company acknowledge in writing that they will comply with these demands by 4/6.  The letter noted that should TNA not comply with Carnes’ requests, he could follow through with additional legal actions.

TNA sources acknowledged the company did receive the letter and that it has been referred to their legal team.

Crazzy Steve has been a TNA contracted talent since 2014 and is currently in the midst of his biggest storyline to date with The Decay, a story that will play out over the next several episodes of Impact Wrestling.  He has been portraying the same character for the entire run of his TNA career, although it has taken a much darker turn over the course of the formation of Decay.

It should be noted that Carnes has worked as an enhancement talent for TNA in the past, dating back as early as 2004.

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