– PWInsider.com has confirmed former TNA Knockouts champion Jade’s deal with TNA has expired and she is now officially a free agent. There is no word whether she will be working this week’s Impact Wrestling tapings as the company has been working to have all the regulars appearing on the tapings signed to deals

– Bobby Lashley, Moose, Eli Drake, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards and EC3 were all already locked in to contracts before the ownership change we are told, so they will be part of future creative plans. There are a number of talents who have been approached about locking themselves into new contracts over the last week, so if they don’t come to terms, there could be additional departures in the days ahead. The company is seeking to lock in talents that are going to commit to them and if talents, for whatever reason, don’t wish to do that, the mentality seems to be that there are lots of others out there who would want the opportunity.

– TNA will hold their first TV tapings for Impact Wrestling since the Jeff Jarrett regime began starting tomorrow 3/2 and taping through 3/5 at Universal Studios Orlando.

– There are rumblings that some sort of announcement regarding the UK is coming later this week.

– In a profile on Anthem Sports and Entertainment, owner Leonard Asper explained to The Financial Post why the company moved forward with purchasing TNA Impact Wrestling.

Asper, who grew up a pro wrestling fan watching Verne Gagne’s AWA with his brother, noted that TNA was the second highest-rated piece of programming on The Fight Network.

“I like sports,” explained Asper. “But I’m not doing this because I’m a wrestling fanatic. It’s a business decision. We want to own content as a company. ”

Asper said the plan is for TNA to tour later this year, which PWInsider.com has previously reported was the working plan.

The article noted that the purchase put Anthem into a legal situation with former TNA President Billy Corgan, but Asper came off as if that relationship was not beyond repairing, commenting, “[Corgan] was going to do some other things in the wrestling world. We said when we get all of this blocking and tackling done, we’ll reconvene and see what we’ll do together.”

By blocking and tackling, Asper means new distribution and television deals for TNA, who’s current agreement with Pop TV expires at the end of 2017.

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