has confirmed unless there is a major change over the next two days, TNA Tag Team champions Matt and Jeff Hardy will have departed the company

Similar to Drew Galloway’s situation the Hardys did not physically receive new contracts until just a few weeks before their current deals were set to expire. One TNA source acknowledged that the contracts were late in arriving, explaining that they were behind due to the changeover involved in shifting TNA from its former parent company to the new infrastructure under Anthem Media. The Hardys were not happy with the last minute rushed nature of having to sign and some of the language in the contract, leaving all sides at an impasse. Another factor was that Matt Hardy had extreme creative control over his character and the “Broken Universe” and under the new regime, that likely would not have continued. also reports that they were told new contracts being offered by TNA management include a clause that would require talents to have their outside appearances approved by the company and would require the talent to pay TNA 10% of those earnings. Multiple TNA sources declined to comment on whether new contracts indeed featured that clause.

The Hardys have offered to come to this week’s TV tapings and drop the belts if requested, but as of right now, there’s been no agreement that could or will be happening. There is a chance they will not work TNA’s Impact Wrestling TV tapings, which are scheduled for 3/2-3/5 in Orlando at Universal Studios.

The TNA management side appears to be that the company is looking at rebuilding the entire company and from their perspective, no one is irreplaceable if they don’t want to be on board with the regime. The mindset appears to be that since the company viewership has been so low in comparison to the Spike days, that they are left in a rebuilding phase and that rebuild will not be changed if any of the current talents exit. One TNA source stated the company made what was described to PWInsider as a “big money offer” that would have seen the Hardys be one of the top paid, if not the top paid act, in the company, and if the Hardys didn’t want to come to terms, then it was time to move on. If the Hardys indeed depart, was told it will free up a lot of money for other potential signings under a regime that is very much about the bottom line financially, as opposed to spending money frivolously.

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