The Allentown Morning Call has an article on WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Snuka’s pretrial hearing in the reopened 1983 murder case of his then girlfriend Nancy Argentino. The Morning Call, the paper that brought the charges back to light in 2013, reports theSuperfly barely recognized the judge who presided over his case. Snuka’s health has been on a steady decline in recent months as the former WWE star has been battling stomach cancer. Both sides are continuing to argue about The Superfly being unfit to the trial due to the amount of head trauma he suffered.

The prosecution says that Jimmy’s mental state was evaluated during the grand jury hearing last September which saw Jimmy get indicted on third-degree manslaughter charges. While his defense argues that Snuka’s mental state and recall of events has been lost due to dementia. His attorney says that an independent party must be brought in to verify the former wrestler’s cognitive abilities.

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