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Although a hearing regarding the mental competency of WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Snuka in the criminal case against him is not slated until 5/13 in Allentown, PA, prosecutors have requested that Judge Kelly L. Banach force the hand of Snuka’s defense and rule that they must hand over their reports on Snuka’s mental capacities to the prosecution.

Snuka, who has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and third-degree murder in the May 1983 death of his then-girlfriend Nancy Argentino, has been undergoing mental health evaluations to determine whether he understands the crimes against him and whether he can stand trial.

Snuka’s attorney says the former star, now 72, is dealing with post-concussion syndrome as well as dementia. Snuka is battling stomach cancer as well.

According to the Allentown Morning Call, Snuka’s attorneys have ignored three different requests from the Prosecution’s office to hand over their findings, with Snuka’s attorney Robert J. Kirwan allegedly telling Chief Deputy District Attorney Charles F. Gallagher, “No, your expert should be able to complete his evaluation without copying off my expert.”

The court had ordered both sides to have their respective experts examine Snuka, declining to have the court appoint a third independent expert, citing the costs involved.

Snuka was charged last year after the case of Argentino’s death remained open for decades.

If Snuka is deemed unfit to stand trial, that would be the end of the case. If he is deemed mentally able to understand the trial and the consequences of his alleged actions, the case will proceed.

The story has been picked up by a number of local news stations in the area.

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