Report from PW Insider:

The competency hearing of WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Snuka will continue on to a third day as the hearing will resume on Friday 5/20, is reporting.

Snuka, 72, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and third-degree murder in Argentino’s passing after the case remained cold for decades.

During today’s hearing, Dr. John O’Brien, an expert brought in by the Prosecution to give his take on Snuka’s mental state, claimed that Snuka’s medical records did not show signs of him having the dementia or other diminished capacity issues that his defense is claiming. O’Brien stated that claims that Snuka’s brain has shrunk in size would be in line with what happened to the brain as someone ages.

O’Brien also claimed that Snuka’s demeanor outside of court is not matching how he is acting before the Court and that despite claims of hundreds of concussions, there are no documented concussions in Snuka’s medical records. He noted Snuka’s performances in pro wrestler amounted to “stage fighting”, insinuating that the physicality could not have hurt Snuka as much as his defense is claiming. The doctor also stated that brain scans of Snuka don’t support the issues his defense is claiming Snuka is dealing with.

It was also noted that Snuka was willing to answer questions during the grand jury trial until his attorney advised him he could invoke his fifth amendment right against self-incrimination. O’Brien testified that Snuka doing so means he comprehended what was happening and made a conscious choice in an attempt to not answer any questions.

This past Friday, an expert witness brought in by Snuka’s defense, forensic psychologist Dr. Frank M. Dattilio, brought in by Snuka’s defense, testified on Friday that in his opinion, Snuka was not fit to stand trial. Dattilio stated he has been treating Snuka for years and noted that Snuka had been prescribed medical marijuana to assist him. He described Snuka’s brain as “shrinking” to the effects of head trauma and dementia, stating that Snuka gets worse by the month and that the emotional turmoil of a trial could cause terrible harm. He testified about Snuka’s medical reports, including scans of his brain, dating back to 2009 and noted that Snuka’s wife has to help him remember details when Snuka does interviews. Dattilio also stated that Snuka routinely confused him with his attorney and vice versa.

There is a belief that Snuka himself may take the stand during this Friday’s continuation of the hearing, where the Prosecution’s expert witness will be cross-examined by the defense.

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