The Morning Call in Allentown, PA covered Jimmy Snuka’s competency hearing today.

Snuka’s defense called forensic psychologist Dr. Frank M Dattilio to testify. He said that he has examined Snuka many times over the last year and a half and feels Snuka is not competent to stand trial since he is a “shell of a man”. The paper also quoted Dattilio as saying that Snuka has dementia that is “worsening by the month”. Dattilio says that Snuka is, “Unable to understand the legal process” and that having to go on trial would “would cause a severe erosion of his emotional state.”

During Friday’s hearing, prosecutors noted that Snuka did not begin complaining of head trauma until after he learned he was under investigation. Senior Deputy District Attorney Craig Sheetz pointed to medical records that he said showed Snuka had an appointment with a concussion specialist on Jan. 29, 2014, a week after District Attorney Jim Martin announced he was reopening the case.

Other exhibits include flyers of the WWE Hall of Famer’s appearances as well has video of the infamous Piper’s Pit where Snuka was hit by the coconut back in 1984 claiming that caused a concussion. The prosecution argued that the things showed that Superfly was competent enough to work. However the defense argues that the exhibits do not prove competency.

When the hearing resumes Wednesday, the prosecution’s mental health expert is expected to testify, and both sides may call other witnesses. At a prior hearing, Banach said she would like to hear from Snuka, but it’s unclear if he will take the stand.

If the judge decides that Snuka is not mentally fit to stand trial, the case could be stalled indefinitely. By law, defendants can’t be prosecuted if they suffer from a mental disorder that prevents them from understanding court proceedings and assisting in the preparation of their defense.

The defense attorney said Snuka does not know how to read or write and gets confused easily. Prosecutors noted that he was able to answer questions about his time with Argentino, according to Dattilio’s report.

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