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While TNA is moving their headquarters next month, TNA’s Production office will be moving to NorthStar Productions in Nashville, which is the biggest HD Production facility in the city. The production office will not be located at the same facility as TNA HQ.

Yesterday when we reported TNA would be leaving it’s Cummings Stations location to move it’s headquarters to a warehouse elsewhere in Nashville, we noted it was a move that had been planned for some time. There have been reports, originated by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, that the company was being evicted from the space. It’s quite possible there is some truth to that, but we are told that the company knew for some time they would be moving to the new location by May 1st. One person in the company described it to me over the weekend that they were moving due to “leases expiring” and that the move has been planned for several months. It’s entirely possible the company was told they would not be getting a new lease but this was not a case of the company rushing out under the cover of night or anything that was a sudden move. The aspect of the company, which was housed in the old HQ’s basement, has been long gone from Cummings Station. The new space is described to me as a 20-25,000 square foot warehouse. As noted earlier today, the TNA production facilities will be moving to NorthStar Productions in Nashville, a well known production facility in the city.

Tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling is said to have some great promo work from Al Snow, Maria and The Hardys.

We are told the company’s management is still meeting with potential backers and partners. In a staff meeting last week, TNA President Dixie Carter promised those assembled that big things were on the horizon. What those could be, I couldn’t tell you.

In regard to the Impact Wrestling replay being moved to Saturdays, the belief is that the replay, coming immediately after Impact, wasn’t bringing in a big enough number to justify remaining on Tuesday evenings. The hope is to try and position the Saturday replay as a way to test whether a secondary show could find some roots there. It was a move that TNA and POP made a decision about together, not the Network shifting the replay over without the company’s knowledge. Pop is, by all means, happy with what TNA has brought to the cable network thus far.

An interesting note, which sheds a different light on the Justin “Krimson” Carnes’ claims….The Krimson character debuted in Pro Wrestling Ohio in January of 2010. According to the wrestling database site “” in June of 2009, Carnes as “Conrad Kennedy III” faced Crazzy Steve in Ontario, Canada. At the time, Crazzy Steve was already doing his evil clown gimmick with facepaint, etc.

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