Mike Tenay is back on “The Ross Report!  He’s weighing in on why he left TNA after 13 years, what he believes to be TNA’s biggest issues, and why WCW Monday Nitro was his favorite era of his career. He’s also got thoughts on Brock Lesnar’s return to UFC, the WWE brand split, the controversial Will Ospreay vs Ricochet match, and his relationship with Vince Russo.

Videos From This week’s Impact Wrestling:

TNA has begun airing vignettes for “The Fixer”. It appears to be a rebranding for Tyrus as a APA style mercenary going forward. Further examination of the vignettes below reveal clues. Most notably the “company” behind the faux ads is “Wup-A-Saurus Ventures”

As seen on this week’s Impact Wrestling, TNA is now selling Jeff Hardy artwork on their merchandising store. For more information go here.

Set for next week’s Impact Wrestling:

Dixie Carter returns to Impact Wrestling and gets retribution on Mike Bennett and Maria

Jeff Hardy versus Matt Hardy have their final encounter in North Carolina

Jade versus Marti Bell in a Street fight

James Storm versus Eli Drake

Raquel and the Bromans versus The Decay