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Vince Russo, on the video below that features Disco Inferno, admits that not only did he contact Pop TV’s Bradley Schwartz behind TNA’s back and try to get hired as a consultant to fix what he felt was wrong with the company’s TV show, he also contacted Destination America when Impact aired there to try and fix the product then as well.

In both cases, Russo said the networks had no idea what a good wrestling show was, so he had to come to the rescue and show them what a good wrestling product looked like. Russo said that Pop TV was “sold a bill of goods” when they brought in TNA and said he could fix all of that. Obviously, neither network felt his services were needed.

Disco Inferno did a great job in pointing out what a heel move Russo made in doing this, but Vince was oblivious to it. Instead he was doing it because he had a lot of friends in TNA and he knew that the show would be canceled without him coming in and fixing it. I think it’s fair to assume that Russo wouldn’t do it for free, so the attempt to get a payday out of it had to be part of his motivation as well. Disco even brought up that Russo offered to be a consultant for Lucha Underground as well and he is trying to get someone to pay him to watch and critique wrestling shows. He called Russo a heel.

I have to say, Russo has done a lot of things that have made me shake my head, but this one may be the worst one yet.

You can watch the video below

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