Wanderlei Silva wrote the following on his Facebook page regarding the rumors of WWE offering a meeting Wrestlemania weekend:

“I received a great proposal of wwe and now i am wondering what you think of the idea!!! I received a proposal that is costing millions of wwe the american telequete, and i am thinking, how can only the fighters of Mma receive little, presented figures that i have never seen, what you guys think of the idea????”

This rumor began when Chael Sonnen said that WWE called him and wanted a meeting with him Wrestlemania 31 weekend offering Hall of Fame tickets in San Jose California. However, WWE has come out and said that Sonnen was not offered any deal. But they did not say anything about Silva and this seems to confirm may be going on between the two parties.

Maybe WWE is planning for the eventuality of Brock Lesnar leaving the company post Wrestlemania