“Change is inevitable. You can’t hold on to the relics of the past.”

These words were said by Bray Wyatt at the end of this week’s Raw from Manchester England. To say this not been an easy month for WWE is an understatement. With injuries and sabbaticals thinning out the roster in recent weeks, WWE has been forced to face the future without its tried-and-true stars. The most notable of these losses is without a doubt former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins blowing out his knee in Ireland. Unfortunately, Rollins would have to relinquish the WWE World Heavyweight Title leading to WWE creating a tournament to anoint a new titleholder at Survivor Series. This tournament was the main thread for this week’s Monday Night Raw. As I’ve said in previous weeks, I like when episodes have a story to tell throughout the night. WWE has done a stronger job in trying to make shows more compelling and win back fans that have lost interest. Unfortunately the ratings have not been reflecting that change. It takes time for audiences to come back around. Especially considering all the times WWE has gotten their hopes up for change but nothing really comes.

I honestly believe that having all the Internet favorites move on to the quarterfinals of the WWE Tournament this week was an attempt to bring back fans. Fans have been wanting more for Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler for months now. This week gave a little glimmer of hope. It definitely seems like the company has no choice but to acknowledge these guys for the following they have as work horses. Do I believe that these talents will win the WWE World Heavyweight Title? No. Not really. If I had to wager guess on who is going to be in the finals at Survivor Series, it definitely feels like Roman Reigns. Given that segment with Triple H to start the show, Reigns will be the new antagonist for The Authority. I like the overall feeling of that segment as Triple H really played with the mind of Roman. It really puts Reigns as the hard-working baby face going into the finals. But the million-dollar question is who will be Hunter and Stephanie’s new charge? I’ve theorized that it could be Kevin Owens as he makes the most sense from a character standpoint. However, if you want a shock factor I would go with Dean Ambrose.

The other notable story on Monday Night Raw was Bray Wyatt’s eulogy of the Brothers of Destruction. I’ve made my feelings pretty well known on the storyline. Bray Wyatt once again becomes the sacrificial lamb and looks like a moron after getting destroyed by The Undertaker and Kane at the end of the show. Despite his wonderful talking ability, WWE showed that the aging Phenom and his brother can destroy whoever they want. It’s even made worse when you think about Bray said they were in a weakened state . What does this do for anyone?

I get that it is “25 Years of the Undertaker” at Survivor Series. But why couldn’t you bring back The Brothers of Destruction without destroying Bray and company? Why not do Undertaker and Kane showing up popping the live crowd and as they reach the ring the lights go out and come back on with the Wyatt’s on the stage. The fact that you have already shown that there is no real threat to the baby face loses all interest for any encounter going forward. The Manchester crowd definitely popped for the segment, but you have to remember that they only see WWE shows twice a year. They were just happy to be there. Maybe you should’ve done that as the dark segment to make those in a live crowd happy and ended with the eulogy. Or maybe did the segment as a WWE Network Exclusive with Harper and Rowan taking the brunt of the attack with Stroman and Wyatt getting away. The booking of that felt all wrong. I know you want to put smiles on faces. It feels like WWE could have done this much smarter.

I guess all in all this segment was the epitome of WWE’s philosophy for the last few years. Past reliance on old names is what caused their current lack of made stars at this point. Hopefully, for the most part WWE will quit being nostalgic for the past success and look to future endeavors and talents. But only time will tell.