Hey everyone. I thought I’d write a little article giving some of my thoughts. There’s been some talk on the site for the last few days on how Brock Lesnar’s title reign damaged the prestige of the WWE World Heavyweight Title. While it’s true creatively Brock’s limited schedule has caused creative strife working around his current contract. I in no way think that Brock Lesnar has harmed the value of WWE’s top prize. In fact I think the opposite. I think the scarcity actually made the title and the and by proxy the champion more important. It’s the old less is more philosophy.

Here’s an exercise… CM Punk had a 400+ day reign as WWE champion, how many of those title defenses can you remember off the top of your head? Answer, probably not.many. Because if the championship always defended that it becomes commonplace and then it just blend into the background. But with Brock when he comes in, you know it matters. When he won the title in mattered. When he defended the title in mattered. How is that harming a championship? I think we gotten so accustomed to oversaturation of talent and the title being on every show. The fans are whining but if you think about it, you remember every title defense in every match of Brock Lesnar’s had over the last two years.

Having the title on every week doesn’t give the title more value it just makes it another thing that appears on the show. Building the fight for the title with superstars and making Lesnar the ultimate final destination has created more prestige for the title and more interest in the main event scene. Think of this in terms of a videogame if you fight the end boss over and over again without building towards a climactic battle that it doesn’t mean as much.

You can hate on Brock Lesnar if you want to for being “a part timer” but he’s not the only one and he’s going to be in good company as WWE is really the only game in town and will give performers the ability to rest their bodies, their minds and keep the product fresher. What really hurts the title more not being defended enough or being defended too much. Go back and look at 2008 episodes of Raw and see how often the title was defended and judge for yourself what devalued the title more. And I guarantee you it wasn’t The One In 21 and One.

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