Earlier this week, I wrote an article talking about Raw having the problem of not having an emotional attachment to the performers. And while the main roster still has the problem, NXT further proved why it’s far and above the WWE current product. And I’m not just talking about the work rate or a special set of moves. There was emotion from all those involved from top to bottom. The N XT men and women even went above and beyond what they’ve done a few weeks ago at the Barclays Center.

Something that is usually missing from modern wrestling these days is aggression. And it was there that in spades in Full Sail University last night. Everyone was motivated at the offset going two hundred miles an hour. Even though event wasn’t in a 13,000 seat arena it sure felt like it was. I can complain about the booking of the Dusty Classic but that would be parsing hairs.

The tag team matches at Takeover were simply awesome. Everybody definitely wanted to make the son of the plumber a proud papa. The show started with balls to the wall and showcased the baby face tag team of Finn and Samoa Joe. But just as much gave The Mechanics credence as tag team specialist. Psychology abounded with Dawson and Wilder using tactics that were used in the Crockett era under the watchful eye of The American Dream. I love the fact that the used the match and the finish to establish the baby face team in peril.

Rhino and Baron Corbin showed their establishment as a heel unit as I had criticism about having singles as teams in the tournament. Corbin has really grown since his match with Joe and the Man Beast. That’s not to undercut Chad Gable and Jason Jordan they were great and I expect big things in the future going forward. Everyone in the tournament worked hard.

The final of the tournament played off the leg injury in the previous round. They teased the dissension between Balor and Joe about his injury. This was an aggressive final and showed a hard-hitting speed that I wasn’t expecting. Balor and Joe are definitely on a collision course. Regal announced a number one contender Battle Royal for the N XT Title at tonight’s tapings

I should mention Cody Rhodes promo during the trophy presentation was amazing and heartfelt and created a moment that fans will remember for a while.

Asuka’s debut at Takeover was amazing but not just for the hard kicks of the Japanese talent. But for the work of Dana Brooke and Emma on the outside. This wasn’t a squash and really brought the Total Diva to a new level. And that’s what happens when you put learning talents in with experienced veterans. It raises their game. Brooke has definitely grown from her debut. She still has a way to go but this could be the turning point that makes everything click for her. Emma was great in her role in the outside and she really established the the latest lady on the N XT roster. And those who say that Dana Brooke is just a fitness model and hasn’t paid her dues, look at this match and give the girl Respect.

Similarly you have to give props to Tyler Breeze and Apollo Crews. The two men made what was presumably a squash match to a promote Apollo, a competitive aggressive fight between two great performers. This match did more for the credibility of Breeze then the last few Takeover specials. That spot where Apollo hit the LED board was insane. The guys did a great job casting doubt and making you believe that either one can win.

And finally how can you put into words the greatness of that Iron Man match? I had speculation on whether Bayley and Sasha could top themselves after NXT Brooklyn. But they did and then some. In my opinion this is the best Iron Man match in the history of the business without question. You were invested in the characters. They did spots paying homage to the battle at the Barclays Center with both competitors learning from the previous encounter countering moves. And unlike some matches with the stipulation they created real drama between the two competitors. Emotion rained from both competitors eyes after the match far and above what happened in Brooklyn.

This definitely felt like a swan song for Sasha and it should be interesting to see what comes next for Bayley. Whoever does follow that they have quite the legacy to live up to now. This definitely deserved to be the main event of a really good show. Both women left it all in the ring. This is the modern day equivalent of Ric Flair And Ricky Steamboat. That may be a lofty claim but I think they deserve it. Respect. Nothing but respect.

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