Hey everyone, we are just a few short days away from the Showcase of the Immortals , Wrestlemania 31 and I have to say I’m pretty intrigued. Now I know I’m in the minority in that mentality as many in the industry are not as invested. Many have stated that this doesn’t feel like The Grandest Stage of Them All. And I understand where they’re coming from, but I think there being a little shortsighted when it comes to the card in general. From top to bottom there’s a level of uncertainty that usually doesn’t happen in the modern WWE.

Think about it. Looking at the card from the opening match to to the main event there’s a level of mystery of what WWE is doing moving forward. The most notable of which is the main event scene with Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. The re-signing of The Beast Incarnate really makes you question if Roman Reigns is the guy going forward.

Lesnar has been box office for the company creating a mystique that we haven’t seen around championship in quite some time. (I wrote an article about it a few weeks ago, you can read that by going here.) And the added factor of Seth Rollins and the Money in the Bank as another wrinkle that will be guessing all the way up until match time. This brings focus to the Randy Orton match earlier to see how badly Rollins may be injured or when he get out unscathed from the Viper in order to make his Championship investment?

The match between The Undertaker and Bray Wyatt has its own shroud of a mystery with fans questioning if the evangelical man from the Everglades is the new face of fear or a exorcism of The Deadman on the Wrestlemania stage? Would WWE use Bray and his lantern to reignite the fire of The Undertaker in preparation for a showdown with Sting? Or will WWE pass the torch to Wyatt as the Lord of Darkness or the demagogue of demons? Either way they go should be a spectacle to behold in Levi’s Stadium that I’m actually excited to see where they go. Last year I said when the streak was broken by Brock Lesnar that it opens up so many possibilities in booking for WWE and gives a sense of anything can happen once again. And the bout this year definitely proves that the to the case.

The multi-man matches of the Battle Royal and the Intercontinental Title Ladder Match always have a chance of unpredictability. But that being said I like the fact that WWE has really made matches focused portions of the card on their television.

If WWE really wants to resurrect Intercontinental title giving it to Daniel Bryan probably would be a good idea. He’s been the workhorse of the company for the last few years having great matches with everyone from Ryback, Seth Rollins, Big Show, Kane, Dolph Ziggler , Cody Rhodes/Stardust and more. With that track record I can think of no one better in bringing back the tradition that guys like Ricky Steamboat, Greg Valentine, and Shawn Michaels began of the best worker helping shape the mid-card.

As for the Battle Royal itself, WWE announced that an NXT superstar will be entered this year winning a tournament at this year’s Wrestlemania Axxess. I think that would be the perfect way to introduce one of those talent by winning the over-the-top extravaganza and give the newbie a built in storyline with the person the man eliminates last to win the match. Imagine if it was Sheamus and Finn Balor for example. You establish the NXT prospect is someone to be reckoned with and put him against a top superstar right away giving him purpose on the card going forward. But there are some the storylines in this match itself with Curtis Axel and his crusade to redeem himself following the Royal Rumble to the Miz and Damien Sandow coming to a head that anything is possible. All these things can still happen and make the match the more important and less of a throw away moment or bathroom break. So even that match has intriguing build going into it.

And WWE is really giving divas a chance on the Wrestlemania card as well, really putting in the question what will happen. Will the dominant diva Nikki Bella take of a bite out of a black widow and the anti-diva? Or will the Bellas see the fearless fight of AJ and Paige? This really puts the focus on the divas division more than it’s ever been before traditionally they’ve done six man tag and Battle Royal matches for the last 10 years but now it seems like WWE has a renewed interest in the females on the roster.

Sting and Triple H has my interest for many different reasons. One for the spectacle. Two for the match itself I’m interested to see what kind of gas the franchise of WCW really have left and how much will be smoke and mirrors. Will Stephanie get involved to what extent and what will they do with the man they call The Vigilante Sting going forward.

One of the best segments this past week’s Raw was Rusev’s domination of John Cena, really cementing that the sports entertainment superhero could defeat the Bulgarian brute on the main stage. That’s classic booking 101. Put your hero in peril and create a reasonable doubt that he will overcome the obstacle. A question in my mind is Lana has been off TV a few weeks (filming the WWE Studios film “The Interrogation”) will happen if she shows up Sunday at Wrestlemania say during the middle of the match? That increases the intrigue of a match that most can predict the outcome of.

I know I may be looking on the brighter side of all this because I know the booking hasn’t been the best. But for the longest time from there’s a lot of uncertainty going into Wrestlemania and that I think makes it all the more fun as a fan. When we get older things don’t feel as grand as they used to when we were kids. Back when we had fresh eyes, everything felt massive and exciting. And to me this Wrestlemania gives that feeling.
As much as everyone loved last year’s moments with Daniel Bryan it was kind of one of the things once it was locked in you knew what you were getting because it just makes a better story. This year there multiple possibilities coming out of California and I can’t wait to see what happens this Sunday.