On this weeks edition of The Wrestling Niche, Jake and Kyle and Scott give their review regarding the latest in WWE’s videogame franchise. Also we hear the latest in news, when it comes to TNA’s television home in America. Will it make that much of an Impact? WWE and WB working together on home-video distribution? Is Ring of Honor letting money slip through their fingers with their merchandising. Is there a code that they’re not following when it comes to championships? And we hear about the latest guest star on Monday Night Raw. Does he have the hookup to get her done and bring in viewers?

Plus, the guys give their thoughts and the recent championship of ROH TV. Is the Kingdom getting ready to take over once again? Does Jay Briscoe have a hidden occupation? And what has Jake chasing the Dragon?

And the guys try something new and go worship at The Temple of Lucha Underground. What are their thoughts on this cinematic presentation? Does it bring enough to the table?

All this and a look at the best and worst guest stars in Raw history, a peek inside the Robinson family, and much much more on this edition of The Wrestling Niche.

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