Hello everyone. Happy Monday to you all. I’m back to give my wrestling report card for last night WWE Extreme Rules. As I did with Wrestlemania, I’m going to be judging the show on three different criteria. Fun, spectacle and in ring work. I will then average of those together and give the show an overall grade.

Fun C –

Overall I thought this year’s Extreme Rules felt pretty fun. Especially the first hour which flowed really well. The show did stumble a little bit in the second and third hours I would suspect this was due to the situation with Daniel Bryan and having WWE having to shuffle the deck to fill time. The Ryback segment kind of showed that. Although we did get a look at a more heel centric version of Bo Dallas.

Interesting, WWE pay-per-view over the last few months has really tried to create threads throughout the shows. Using these storylines that play out during the course of three hours helps the show fun level. I liked the Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper brawl in the opening match leaving the building. I just think they could’ve done a little bit more with it. They should’ve had a camera crew follow them all throughout Chicago. Or keep them in the building and have them cause chaos. Because just having them drive away in a car seems like a lazy way to show chaos. You could’ve done videos with them all throughout the night with them battling back to the ring from catering , the production truck and others.

Of course, there were stipulations and weapons aplenty in second city. We saw some cool stuff that we haven’t seen before. There were moments in every match that were memorable.

I really liked the dynamics in the Chicago Street fight, The Tag Team Title Match The Last Man Standing and Cage match. The only ones I had problems with because I feel like they went too long were The Russian Chain Match, and the Kiss My Arse Match.

The crowd was a little annoying with their CM Punk chants it’s been over a year. I’m glad you love the guy but time to give up the ghost. There are tons of things you could say to not like the show. This is boring. The show sucks. Where going to cancel.

To be fair, given the lowered expectations of the matches going in I was pleasantly surprised. But it was strange to have two different heel versus heel matches with Naomi and Nikki Bella and The New Day versus Tyson Kidd and Cesaro. The smart crowd in the Windy City was pretty partial to Kidd and Cesaro but it definitely felt weird to have heel teams going against together. As for the ladies nobody really cared and that’s the fault of WWE management. I will say Naomi is doing a bang up job as a heel but they have no one to play against at on the baby face side Paige being gone. There are really any faces in the divas division now.

The main event was pretty great it did create a cliffhanger to tomorrow night’s Monday Night Raw.

Spectacle C-

It’s a little unfair to judge Extreme Rules against the biggest show of the year. But the show wasn’t the best in presenting an Extreme night of WWE action. There were stipulations aplenty but they didn’t feel like they had any weight to them. It didn’t feel like these matches were the end all be all. Weapons and shenanigans helped raise the level of these matches but a lot of these things kind of fell flat.

I think the moment of the night has to go to Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose with their pile of chair craziness. But Roman Reigns and Big Show in my eyes are right up there with their Last Man Standing match. Especially with the Spear on the announcer table. That was a cool moment. That will be played for years and years to come. The cleverness of Randy Orton using The Pedigree was a great moment as well.

The weakest parts of the card have to be the Russian Chain Match, the Divas Match and the Kiss My Arse Match. These were not bad segments they just didn’t feel like they’ve reached the potential. Some may argue that blood may have been needed in the US title match but I don’t even know if that would’ve helped. As the stipulation did not seem to connect at least not with me.

In Ring Work B-

I thought the show in ring wise was great from top to bottom. Everyone worked hard but sometimes how segments were booked got in the way. As I said before I think Daniel Bryan being moved off the show really hurt the momentum. Although, they did give us Adrian Neville’s first pay-per-view victory against Wade Barrett although I don’t know where you go with him going forward. Every match at solid work and some crazy maneuvers that we never saw before. Taking advantage of the Extreme Rules branding in the PG environment, it is totally impressive that the roster can do what he can do given the circumstances. They really made the best of not so great situations as the build to the show was a little wonky.

Hopefully, this will be the start of a New Day for the tag team division as Cesaro and Tyson Kidd and Kofi and Big E really showed that they can steal the show with great action once again.

I felt they really did the Divas a disservice not giving them a stipulation. It might have given a little bit more intrigue.

Overall Grade: C-

Overall I thought the show was solid. There was nothing terrible given the circumstances that arose. And they did create moments that we will be talking about for a while. It’ll be interesting to see how many rematches besides the US title match we will see given that Payback is three weeks away

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