Hello everyone. I’m back again with another Wrestling Report Card. This time were looking at ROH Best in the World 2015. If you’ve never read one of my report cards before here is the gist, I breakdown the show in three categories fun, spectacle and ring work. Then I average the three grades together and get an overall grade for the card in general.

Before I begin, I feel I should say this disclaimer. Most of the shows I do in this series are through the WWE Network for $9.99. ROH Best in the World was $34.95 on my cable system in standard definition. (No I did not pay the extra $10 for High DEF.) Because of the higher price tag I’m going to hold it to a little bit of a higher standard than my normal WWE reviews. That’s fair right?

Now that we have that out-of-the-way, let’s begin breaking down the show starting with the fun factor.

Fun B +: I thought the show flowed really well much better than the previous efforts on pay-per-view. Every match had its own feel and importance. I think characters like Moose and Dalton Castle have really added some much-needed personality to the shows. There’s plenty of ROH craziness from the top of the card to the bottom. The New York City crowd really enhanced the ambience of the show. It really gave the show an extra boost. The reason why am giving it a lower grade than most on the fun factor Is a little nitpicky I’ll admit. I almost felt the show was too jampacked top to bottom and that the audience needed a little breather.

Spectacle B +: If you remember my review of the 13th Anniversary Show earlier this year this was the lowest category the last time. This time around, ROH upgraded their pomp and circumstance a little. Wrestlers had special entrance attires made for the event from Christopher Daniels and his general jacket to Moose coming out with cheerleaders and football gear. The company did well to make special moments on the show from the storyline with Cedric Alexander in the early part of the show to the second half of the show that is a highlight reel in its own right. The Bullet Club versus the Kingdom had a bunch of memorable moments as did the tag team title match and of course Jay Lethal versus Jay Briscoe had the cool family dynamic in the crowd.

Hell, even Mark Briscoe had a moment with that vicious slam to the outside from Donovan Dijak. And Dalton Castle definitely makes you watch him to see what he’s going to do next as he’s one of the most reminiscing characters of the early days of ROH.

The commentary continued to do the best job in the business in my opinion. Especially making it more accessible for the Destination America viewers. Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino continue to blend comedy in with in ring storytelling masterfully.

In Ring Work A-: As always the Ring of Honor crew worked hard from top to bottom. The weakest match on the show for me was the three-way between Roderick Strong, Michael Elgin and Moose. Not to say, the match was bad it just didn’t click as well as could have. Moose is still relatively green although I am amazed on how far he’s come in a year. The final hour the show was really well done. And everyone involved with the company should be proud. But as I said before the $34 price tag makes you look at shows a little bit differently.

Overall Grade B +: As I said before at that, it was a great show. I really liked a lot of the show in their definitely finding themselves in the traditional pay-per-view format. The $35 price tag however may be a bigger barrier to entry for newer fans so word-of-mouth may help ROH more than ever.

Storyline wise, I am really interested to see where the Cedric Alexander thing goes. And I’m curious on what’s going to happen with the TV Title now that Jay Lethal is World Champion will he defend both titles? Will they crown a TV champion? And how will Jay Briscoe react to the loss along with how will Lethal be as champion?

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