We are in the afterglow of Wrestlemania 31 and I’ll be honest I didn’t get to watch It live. I’ve been putting my nose to the grind stone all week. That led to me crashing pretty hard and not waking up to early this morning. I thought I’d do a review with my thoughts. I’m going to do something a little bit different than my usual. I’m going to start doing pay-per-view report cards. I will give a pay-per-view a grade on three different levels: “Fun” “Spectacle”, and “Ring Work.”



On a fun level, I love the show. From top to bottom, I thought the show moved quickly and did not drag. Considering there was five hours plus of WWE on my TV I say that’s a good thing.

The Rock segment with Stephanie and Triple H along with Ronda Rousey was a nice pallet cleanser and created a nice Wrestlemania Moment.

Seeing DX versus NWO was a lot of fun but I can’t decide if it helped or took away from Sting Versus Triple H. Having legends anoint Daniel Bryan and his Intercontinental title victory gives hope the future of both the champion alongside its title going forward.

Bray and Undertaker was great for what it was. Even a loss being put on the show of shows with Undertaker establishes you as a major player going forward in the company. It will be interesting to see if that fabled Sting match does happen in Arlington Texas next year or not. As for Bray I think the skies the limit for this new face of fear.

Brock Vs. Reigns was awesome just for the mere fact that it gave us something much different than we expected. WWE really did a lot here to set up for the future. Rollins now has an angry beast to look for to down the road when he decides to return. He also has Roman Reigns and Randy Orton to face in the interim.

Not to mention, Lesnar is so fun to watch just because he’s genuine. When he says he loves to be an entertainer he isn’t kidding. The man is willing to sacrifice anything for a match.

You have the over-the-top shenanigans in the Battle Royal and Tag Title Match which saw a Sharpshooter on a bull among other silliness.



WWE definitely tried to have a little bit more pomp and circumstance in Levi’s Stadium. Whether it be catatonic scarecrows or a Russian battalion the production team did a nice job adding a little bit more grandeur than just your everyday entrance. That being said the Sting and Triple H productions were strange to say the least. We heard that the King of Kings would be getting some Terminator inspired accompaniment but it looked subpar to WWE’s usual quality. Especially parts of the scanning video. And I’m not sure had Japanese drummers for his entrance? But they definitely tried to make it feel like something special.

From celebrity appearances to video packages, WWE tried to deliver on the Wrestlemania aura and fell a little short in some places. I thought the video package for John Cena was a little tacky and out of place.

    “Ring Work”


This is probably the weakest of the three categories. Barring the excellent Randy Orton-Seth Rollins match, The Ladder Match and the main event not a lot really connected with me as a good match. Sting Versus Triple H started out really interesting and then turned into 90s nostalgia which I enjoyed but didn’t really give us a showdown that would be in these competitors Top 10. I don’t understand the idea of having Sting lose in this match. Maybe the thought was you needed Triple H to be able to brag later on for the Rock/Rousey showdown with himself and Stephanie. But there could’ve been another impetus for confrontation. Who knows what the follow-up will be on Monday Night Raw it just felt weird. Like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Like they were more concerned with building to what I can only assume are matches for next year’s Wrestlemania in Dallas with Rock/Triple H as has been hinted in the past.

It is evident at least in my eyes that AJ will be used in the Divas division going forward but not in a prominent role. The ladies layout of their match was a little bizarre as AJ really wasn’t involved in anything but the finish. It almost lends credence to my AJ is bulletproof theory as WWE you really doesn’t want to rock the boat with the pending litigation against her husband. Who knows maybe this was just to create dissension between Paige and AJ tonight on Monday Night Raw? Who knows but the match itself was lackluster and it’s not the fault of the ladies themselves. But haters on The Total Divas will say this is what happens when you give divas a chance.

I really enjoyed the John Cena versus Rusev both men gave it their all and while it may not be considered a five-star classic I want to give them a round of applause for all their hard work. I wasn’t a big fan of the finish having one Attitude Adjustment finishing off the super athlete but he did withstand the former 15 time World Heavyweight Champion’s onslaught for the most part. So much so that 285 pound John Cena pulled out a springboard stunner not as graceful as this had scissors takeover but impressive nonetheless for a man his size.

Overall grade B-

Overall I thought it was a good show. It wasn’t the greatest. As I said before the four hour plus extravaganza moved pretty quickly and was quite energetic. The Rock segment was fun and WWE gave us some matches and moments to add to the Highlight Reel. Were there any missteps? Sure but overall if you paid $9.99 I don’t think you would be disappointed.