It’s been a few weeks but I’m back with a new Wrestling Report Card. WWE Battleground happened just hours ago in St. Louis and I’m going to breakdown the show. I do this in three categories. Fun, Spectacle and In Ring Work. Then we average those things together and give an overall grade to the show.

This time I’m adding something to the mix. I’m going to give each match its own remarks and whether it passed or failed in executing the story. Let’s get down to it.

Fun: B-: I think the Spirit of St. Louis made the show very enjoyable. The crowd was into the night and really made things feel all the more special. The show felt very kinetic which is nice and nothing felt out of place for the most part. Things I most enjoyed like Sheamus versus Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt versus Roman Reigns which were not heavily anticipated for the most part going into the event were very surprising. Kevin Owens and John Cena once again tore on the house. Let’s not forget Sheamus and Randy Orton space having a very physical one on one battle to start off the show. And of course seeing Charlotte on WWE pay-per-view battle it out with Sasha Banks along with Brie Bella felt fresh and new. And I felt the Undertaker appearance gave the show something special.

Spectacle B -: There are plenty of nice moments on the show. From the reuniting Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper, the first battle of the Revolution, Team Bad and Dangerous and Team Bella and the appearance of The Undertaker all make the show feel memorable in the grand scheme of things. However I’m not sure if I agree with some the choices that were made in regards of Kevin Owens or the main event scene.

In Ring Work B- : Other than a couple questionable finishes, I thought the in ring work from everyone is solid. Everyone from the top to the bottom really gave their all. I think Orton and Sheamus will be the unsung heroes of that show as those two really put together a strong match that no one will be talking about this morning. Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns had a physical contest that was hard-hitting and something that the late great Bruiser Brody would’ve been proud of. The Primetime Players and New Day have a great chemistry with each other. It would be interesting to see if they would do some old-school stipulations with Xavier Woods as he is the mouthpiece for the group and is very good at getting under your skin. Cena versus Kevin Owens really took it to another level. As did the three-way with the women although there were some growing pains as the added variable of Brie Bella made things a little Bit weird. But given time I think things will smooth out.

As with anything good in ring work can be destroyed by rather wonky booking. This I think is evident in the last two matches of the card. It seems to be a trend on the Battleground name as WWE did something similar two years ago that really left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. It’s really a shame because if WWE would just have done what people were expecting I think it would’ve been a better show. It’s nice to want to surprise your audience but sometimes it’s okay to do the predictable thing. Giving fans those two finishes back to back was a terrible idea in my opinion. It really took the energy out of the room.

Overall grade B-: Not a bad show but definitely had problems near the end. As with anything we will have to wait and see what happens this week on Raw as things heat up on the road to both NXT Takeover: Brooklyn and SummerSlam. Brooklyn here we come.

Match comments:

R-Truth versus King Barrett : I think the promo that promo Truth did on the preshow was amazing and you should do yourself a favor and go watch it. I really like the comedy of this character and I don’t fully understand not giving him the crown and letting him run with it. These two work really well together.

Sheamus versus Randy Orton: For a match with very little going into to it, these two put together a really physical hard-hitting match that was very cool to watch. I would’ve assumed that Sheamus being Mr. Money in the Bank he would’ve gotten a victory. However the hometown boy Randy Orton gets a victory. I’m curious to see where these two windup on the SummerSlam Card.

Primetime Players versus The New Day: I would’ve actually switched the belts here. New Day particularly Xavier Woods has been on fire as a heel faction. I would be okay with these two teams trading the belts back and forth for a few months. I don’t know how many losses the trio can take before fans stop even caring whether New Day sucks or not. And why not add a few more teams into the mix like the Lucha Dragons.

Bray Wyatt versus Roman Reigns: I thought these two worked the best match they’ve both had in quite a while. I’m interested to see where they’re going with this. Something tells me this is going to lead to Dean Ambrose and Roman versus Harper and Wyatt at Summer Slam which I’m cool with.

Brie Bella versus Charlotte versus Sasha Banks. Great showing on the main stage for the NXT alumni. The addition of Brie Bella was a little awkward as the communication seemed a little off. But much like it was back in the day seeing Charlotte, Becky and Sasha will push the other divas to be better.

Kevin Owens versus John Cena: I can really rail on the finish if I wanted to. But given the war these two went through. It’s not as bad as it could’ve been. I am more interested in what you do with Owens now and what’s next for the US title. Will we see Cesaro, a surprise challenger or someone else in the roster?

The Miz-Big Show segment: WWE made the best of a bad situation with Ryback. Just keeping the feud going. That was the only real filler on the show. But they give you the woman’s match in place of it. So why wasn’t angry about it.

Brock Lesnar versus Seth Rollins: I thought overall what they did in the match was solid. Brock was a beast. Seth showed that he could weather the storm. I’m not the biggest fan of Undertaker coming back at that moment and ruining Brock’s championship chances. If the Undertaker wanted revenge for Brock being the one in 21 and one why didn’t he come back in the One-year title reign that Lesnar had? And why not attack Rollins since he took out your brother last week?