WWE.com has an article on “Dark Angel” Sarah Stock , formerly Sarita in TNA , on how she is helping the current women’s division in NXT. You check that out by going here.

PW Insider reported the following:

A number of independent wrestling promoters and wrestling convention promoters woke up to the sound of WWE’s legal team this morning as we have heard of a number of promoters receiving cease and desist letters from WWE today.

WWE’s letter informed the different promoters that they were utilizing WWE-owned photographs on advertising material on posters and/or online media to promote former WWE-contracted talents that are scheduled for upcoming independent dates.

Given how many promoters received cease and desists on the same day, it was obviously a strategy by WWE to hit everyone at once…and WWE is legally within their rights to do so as they would own any professional shots taken by their photographers.

So, any promoters using images they believe may be owned by WWE would be wise to change them, ASAP.

WWE will be holding a number of meet and greets with WWE talents over Summerslam weekend at the Barclays Center, priced at $125, with the ticket price providing a 8×10 signed photo of the talent and a professionally shot photo of the talent with the fan meeting them.

Currently scheduled for Meet & Greets are:

WWE champion Dean Ambrose – 8/20 at 12:30 PM

WWE Women’s champion Charlotte – 8/20 at 10 AM

AJ Styles – 8/19 at 1 PM

Kevin Owens – 8/19 at 1 PM

WWE Tag Team champions The New Day – 8/19 at 3:30 PM

Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady – 8/19 at 3:30 PM

Randy Orton – 8/20 at 10 AM

Sasha Banks – 8/20 at 12 PM

Roman Reigns – 8/20 at 3 PM

Seth Rollins – 8/20 at 3 PM

Eric Bischoff is named Raw’s General Manager: This W

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