Naomi is interviewed by Eden backstage who asked why she would go from her nice persona to attack the other divas Naomi says she was tired of being where she was and she’s tired of that holier than thou attitude everyone has. There’s not one woman that hasn’t stepped on someone to get where they are in this business and it’s her time to be on top.

Dean Ambrose appears on the Extreme Rules kickoff panel and says that he will get his revenge on Luke Harper in the Chicago Street Fight later tonight and destroy him.

Bray Wyatt appears during the segment hyping Roman Reigns versus The Big Show saying that he knows what drives someone and he the keys and to take away someone’s power. And Bray will make someone cower before him.

Bad News Barrett comes out and addresses the Chicago crowd saying that he knows that they were here to see him regain the Intercontinental title but says but Daniel Bryan isn’t cleared to compete. But don’t worry he decided to throw the crowd a bone and the tells production to bring out Neville so he could take a Bull Hammer that was meant for Daniel Bryan.

Wade Barrett versus Neville

Neville wins with The Red Arrow to get the pinfall

Kane appears in the social media lounge but quickly leaves after a few questions ending tonight’s Q&A

Main card

Luke Harper versus Dean Ambrose in a Chicago Street fight

After a chaotic brawl, Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper left that the Allstate arena in a car. The match is ongoing but we are moving on with the rest of the card.

Triple H backstage tells someone try to find Harper and Ambrose and get them back to the arena. Kane and Rollins comes in the office and Triple H attempts to mediate between the two. Kane says he will do what is best for business.

Dolph Ziggler versus Sheamus (Kiss Me Arse Match)

Dolph Ziggler wins with a rollup after a great match between the two. Sheamus tried to avoid having to kiss Dolph’s ass. Sheamus bends over to kiss Dolph’s butt but hesitates. Sheamus eventually hits Dolph with a low blow and a Brogue Kick. The Celtic Warrior makes Dolph Ziggler kiss his arse.

The New Day versus Tyson Kidd and Cesaro for the WWE Tag Team Championship

The New Day wins and becomes the new WWE Tag Team Champions following an epic match with Kofi Kingston pulling the tights on Cesaro for the victory.

Luke Harper versus Dean Ambrose in a Chicago Street fight continues

After the match the New Day is interviewed by Renée Young when Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose drive back into the arena they battle back to the ring and throw a bunch of chairs into the ring. Ambrose gets power bombed on the Chairs but kicks out. Ambrose throws Harper on the chair pile and then hits Dirty Deeds for the win.

John Cena versus Rusev Russian Chain Match For The US Title

John Cena defeats Rusev hitting the AA before heading all four corners.

Roman Reigns is interviewed by Renée Young and basically says no matter what The Big Show does tonight he has proven that hard he is hit the gets back up.

Nikki Bella versus Naomi for the Divas Title

Naomi debuted a new look and theme song. She shows off some great moves but in the end loses to the Nikki’s Rack Attack.

Rusev is yelling at Lana following the US Title Match, The Ravishing Russian looks rather dejected as she is seen going into the Authority’s office.

Big Show versus Roman Reigns (Last Man Standing)

After quite a battle, Roman Reigns spears Big Show on the announce table and then flipped it over on Big Show to be the Last Man Standing

Randy Orton is backstage talking with Kane about being on his side and how entitled Seth Rollins had been. Randy says he knows who Kane really is and then walks away.

Bo Dallas comes out to address the crowd. He puts down Chicago he says you shouldn’t worry about talking about Extreme Rules by following the rules. But noted that can happen you don’t shut your mouth and Bolieve. Ryback comes out and interrupts destroying Dallas with a spine buster, meat hook and Shell Shock.

Rusev is interviewed backstage when Lana comes in and says that the Authority have agreed to an I Quit match May 17 at Payback. They say it will be the final encounter between John Cena and the Bulgarian brute.

Randy Orton versus Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Title ( Cage Match/RKO banned)

After an epic battle between the two Including a Pedigree from Randy Orton sending a message to the COO. When both men were struggling to get outside of the cage Kane hit both men. The former Director Of Operations snaps and becomes The Big Red Machine once again. He chokes slams both men putting Rollins on top of Orton, the Viper kicked out. Orton hits his RKO on Kane. The distraction caused Rollins to use The Apex Predators finishing move winning the match in controversy.

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