Dolph Ziggler defeats Baron Corbin with a rollup after being beat down.

Kalisto defeats Ryback with the SDS to get the pinfall and retain the US title in a really solid big man little man match

The tag team Number One Contender’s Match was stopped due to a freak injury with Enzo Amore heading the middle rope and falling to the outside.

Kevin Owens defeats Sami Zayn With a Pop Up Power Bomb to get the win after wards tossing Sami to the outside.

The Miz retains his Intercontinental title against Cesaro after a returning Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens brawl and distract the Swiss Superman causing the Miz to rollup Cesaro for the win. Afterwards the melee ensues with all four men with Owens holding the IC title at the end.

Dean Ambrose defeats Chris Jericho with Dirty Deeds after one hell of a brawl.

Charlotte defeats Natalya via submission after referee Charles Robinson calls for the Bell with Charlotte putting Natalya in the Sharpshooter. Afterwards Bret hits Ric Flair and puts him in the move.

Vince McMahon says both Shane and Stephanie will be running Raw.

Following A Phenomenal Forearm on the outside AJ Styles wins by count out. Shane McMahon comes out restarts the match with no count out. The match continues until Roman Reigns unintentionally hits a low blow. Stephanie comes out and says the match will be restarted with No DQ. The two brawl to the outside. The pair returned to the ring, Reigns countering with a Superman punch. He gets a another one for good measure as Roman prepares for the Spear, Gallows and Anderson make their way into the ring and double team the WWE champion. AJ struggles to get back in the ring With the Phenomenal Forearm nailing it but Roman gets his foot on the rope at the last second. The Usos come out to battle Anderson and Gallows. AJ then gets thrown into the melee by Reigns. Roman responds with a dive before hitting a Phenomenal Forearm. He tries the 450 and Styles Clash to no avail getting a Spear from Roman who gets the pin and the win.

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