The Financial Times is reporting that WWE has signed a multiyear video streaming deal with Chinese company PPTV to stream Raw and Smackdown in Mandarinto the service 400 million users just hours after the US airing on USA Network.

The article also mentions that 22-year-old Bin Wang will be the first Chinese star signed by WWE . The company just held a try out in the country this past weekend which you can check out photos here

It is no secret that WWE has wanted to break into China in a big way and this deal seems to be the starting point. A few years ago they opened an office in China and ran a few shows in the Forbidden City. John Cena has famously talked about learning Mandarin to help promote in the region. WWE believes that China is an untapped market and will be good for the future of the company.WWE is looking to bring their Network to China sometime next year.

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