In my nearly 3 decades as a wrestling fan, I’ve seen many things. And with that comes a sense of jaded entitlement. That perspective often is very prevalent throughout the bowels of the Internet always looking on the Darkside of any situation. It’s an age-old phrase, “familiarity breeds contempt” and it’s true. The more you see the more you analyze and Lord knows I’ve seen over 400,000 hours of wrestling in my lifetime. But I think the one thing that keeps me more engaged in the product than others in my demographic is I’m surrounded by people that aren’t wrestling fans. They don’t understand the business but they enjoy it on a simple level that makes me see things from a different perspective. They don’t care about writing inconsistencies or bad booking decisions or who has heat with who. They just enjoy the art form for what it is one of the greatest things in the world. And mixture of live theater, ultimate athleticism and fun.

To see people react to the business the way that was intended without a sense of irony or Smart Mark hijacking is something that fills me with so much joy these days. Nothing anyone can do never take that away. Much like the Christmas spirit, it may be harder to find as you get older, but it still exists. Following a talent from their debut on the independence to the grandest days of sports entertainment is one of the most fulfilling things a fan can ever do. This was no more evident for when Daniel Bryan captured The World Heavyweight Title or Dolph Ziggler performances the last few months. The magic is still there.

It may not be as magical as you remember, but nothing really ever is. As you grow old, nostalgia paints with a very forgiving brush to all things of the past. Will this article make the grinches that think the era of sports entertainment and John Cena have ruined the wrestling business? Probably not. But these are not new arguments in the early 80s many thought Hogan was doing the same as Vince McMahon was looking to expand nationally. Those fans didn’t have Twitter, Facebook or any other social platforms to interact with fans other than the occasional meet up through letters or the telephone. Even though communication has changed how we interact one things for sure we still want to believe. I’ve seen it. As sophisticated as fans think they are the days still one of believe in the business. Look at all the crazy news stories that get posted that that fans want to believe is true. No matter how absurd it is, they just want to believe. Sure it’s not how wrestling companies would like them to, however it’s still there. So I guess it’s up to the companies to figure how to use that to.

So yes, there is a Santa Claus and a professional wrestling fan in 2015 and they are are both alive and well if you’re willing to believe.

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